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Breaking barriers

Tantra is a specific form of therapy found in many cultures which helps encourage energy to flow naturally from the spine to the rest of the body. When performing Tantra it is important to give relaxation and pleasure without expecting anything in return as the person cannot fully relax if they feel as though they are expected to reciprocate. This is a way to connect with your partner in a sensual way, though the feeling does not necessarily need to be sexual. The idea is to take down barriers between the masseuse and the recipient to create a more intimate connection.

The first step in giving a Tantra massage is to create a comfortable atmosphere. Use gentle lighting such as candlelight to minimize distraction. If you do not have candles, lower the wattage on the lamps in the room. Some choose to play soft music or light incense to help create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere to perform the massage.

Once the stage is set, have the person receiving the massage lay face down on the surface you have prepared. Have them lie with their arms in a slight V shape away from the body, and their legs slightly spread in a V shape as well. You may wish to position these limbs yourself to create a more intimate connection. You will now focus on your breathing, focusing on keeping your breaths in synch as the massage continues.

From this point on, the massage will be personalized based on the connection you have with the person and the stimulation they require. Move your hands over the person's body, starting with light fingertip strokes and moving on to whole hand strokes and caresses. Do not restrict this touching to any particular part of the body. Strokes should be applied to the front and back of the body evenly throughout the length of the massage. Perform this in a way that makes the giver and receiver comfortable.

When giving a Tantra massage it is important to focus on the connection between the masseuse and receiver. The energy between the two of you will promote the healthy relaxation and intimacy between the couple. If you feel a strong connection with our partner when massaging a certain spot then focus on this spot for a longer period of time. Pay attention to how your partner is reacting to the amount of pressure you are using so that you apply enough to relax any tension in the body without putting too much pressure and causing discomfort.

 It is also important to note that Tantra massage is not intended to be a sexual practice. You want to focus on creating a sensual mood between the two of you and aligning the energy in your bodies. The massage should be relaxing and peaceful rather than stimulating. Massaging the sexual organs should not be performed unless both people engaging in the massage are comfortable with this type of connection. It may be best to start out with a more causal massage and move into more sensual methods of massage as you continue to form a more intimate connection through this massage technique.


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