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Canary Wharf Erotic Massage

There has been erotic massage for as long as human beings discovered the pleasures of sensual touch. In the bible of erotic pleasure, the Kama Sutra, erotic massage is referred to as a perfect foreplay to get into the mood for the positions of lovemaking. 

Erotic massage is not a conventional massage; it is a pure sensual stimulating experience based on the power of tantric touches to stimulate one’s sensual senses.  In fact, an erotic massage does not necessarily have to lead to any sexual activity.

Erotic massage is also known as Happy Ending Massage and has become very popular in the western world. Hedonists love erotic massage and are frequent consumers in either massage parlours or from visiting massage services. 

The city of pleasure, London, offers an abundance of massage institutes, where people go to enjoy a luxury and relaxing massage treatment, often combined with facials, spa and other pampering body therapies. Despite the fact that in principle erotic massage is not aiming at penetrative sex or aiming at an orgasm, it is undeniable that the sensuous touches and skin-to-skin contact automatically become more sexual during the massage session. 

In fact it already starts with the fact that erotic massage is performed topless or fully nude, contrary to the majority of traditional massage therapies. Instead of covering the body with towels, the erotic massage is done with the subject totally naked, making it more natural to touch the intimate body parts in a slow and teasing manner. This naturally results in an increase of sexual arousal.

In a private situation, when two lovers and partners indulge in an erotic massage session, and things get more sexual there is no blockage to stop and take it to a deeper sexual level. In such a personal, intimate setting, sex between two consensual adults is only natural. And legal!

The strength of "Canary Wharf Erotic Massage" is that its masseuses are sexy, elegant, sensual young women, specialized in the art of erotic massage. Each masseuse will use her personality, her hands but also her hair, lips, tongue or even feathers, blindfolds and other accessories to make the erotic massage therapy a luxury and legal sensual relaxation treatment.

An experienced and highly skilled erotic massage therapist has the power to read one’s body from head to toe with her hands. She will operate in a perfect balance with intermittent firm pressure, flowing stokes and feather-light touches designed to tease and delight. When the masseuse incorporates a body-body massage in her therapy and covers her and the subject’s body in an abundance of oil for easy sliding her body over and along her customer’s body to enhance the level of intimacy and arousal, this will result in a deeper release of stress.

Actually the principle of erotic massage is very simple. The higher the level of sexual arousal, the deeper the release of all stress that blocks the body and the mind. The body and mind will be freed from every drop of stress. It is universally acknowledged as a sensational feeling of rejuvenation and bliss. 

An erotic massage is an experience that cannot be replaced by any other type of massage. It is designed to take you to a stage of trance where physical limitations are overcome; leading to physical and mental relaxation. One will always feel emotional rejuvenated after an intense erotic massage treatment. 

Moreover, any erotic massage has a very enjoyable side effect. Apart from the stress release, it stimulates personal growth, treats anxiety, helps treat premature ejaculation, stimulates libido, relaxes muscles and strengthens the heart and other body organs. Even the established medical world acknowledges that regular orgasms do attribute to a here.



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